Sexual harassment in the workplace is an unpleasant experience, whether it’s by an ordinary co-worker or a celebrity. Nobody likes being treated as a piece of property or plaything. Workplace harassment affects more than your feelings, too. It usually interferes with the performance of your day-to-day duties. That can result in a lack of promotions and pay raises, through no fault of your own. Battling against workplace harassment is difficult in a typical office setting. If your harasser is famous, or highly placed in the corporate world, you’ll face additional challenges. That’s no reason to put up with sexual harassment. You can level the playing field  by consulting with sexual harassment lawyers.

Celebrity Cases Bring Unwanted Attention

When a celebrity becomes involved in a sexual harassment case, it attracts a lot of attention. It doesn’t matter whether the person is a celebrity in show business or any other field. There have been a number of well-known cases where harassment charges are brought up. It is never easy for the victim of the harassment. Certainly celebrity cases, such as the allegations against Bill Cosby, create a lot of turmoil for everyone connected to them. The public stature of the harassing celebrity can add increased pressure on the victim to just go along. When Anita Hill spoke up against Clarence Thomas, the fact that he was nominated for the Supreme Court brought more scrutiny than if he was simply a lawyer in private practice. Even more attention fell on everyone involved when the accused harasser was Bill Clinton, who was the sitting President of the United States.

Stand Your Ground

It is challenging when you know you will face the harsh light of scrutiny.  That often happens when anyone brings up harassment charges. In any field, there are celebrities. When they misbehave, everyone connected to the situation gets attention whether they want it or not. Famous chefs, well-known religious leaders, political figures, business executives, all have the same aura of celebrity that a Hollywood star can have. The ability to call on a celebrity reputation to brush off accusations can be intimidating to the victim of workplace harassment. But before the law, everyone’s stature should be equal. The big ego of a workplace celebrity can create the specter of job termination if you move forward with your accusations. If you seek the help of employment lawyers, you can make your case just as effectively as you can when the harasser is Ordinary Guy.

Always Document the Events

When faced with celebrity sexual harassment in the workplace, it’s important to stay determined. Always make and keep records of individual incidents of sexual harassment. These steps avoid a he said/she said situation. These steps have nothing to do with the nature of celebrity and everything to do with standing your ground.

  • Keep a log of the unwanted interactions, with dates and times
  • Make a note of other people who were present and saw any part of the interaction with your harasser
  • Document any physical interactions. Use photos to document injuries
  • Work with an attorney, and keep the lawyer informed of any changes in the situation

Repercussions for a worker who brings a harassment charge against a celebrity can be very similar to those a workplace whistleblower might face. In high-profile cases, sexual harassment lawyers who are also familiar with whistleblower retaliation are more likely to be able to help you. Sexual harassment in the workplace creates a hostile work environment for the victim. When a work environment also contains the high energy charge of a celebrity, the victim of harassment faces an uphill battle.

Sexual Harassment Lawyers Can Help

If you’re the victim of celebrity sexual harassment, the best thing you can do is consult with an employee rights lawyer. Having solid legal help at your side makes an important difference. The sexual harassment lawyers at the Employee Rights Law Group are ready to help you in your fight for justice — no matter how famous your opponent might be.

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