Astrid Alberto

I met Astrid in 2009 when she was working for the law firm of Eric Castelblanco, a champion of housing rights in California. Mr. Castelblanco and I co-counselled several employment cases for several years. In 2013, I was lucky enough to hire Astrid away from Mr. Castelblanco when she expressed a preference for employment law over housing law.

Astrid, who hails from El Salvador, is a profoundly effective bilingual communicator. She has a true talent for working with Spanish-speaking working men and women helping them feel safe to share their stories of injustice.

Astrid has worked “fighting for the little guy” since high school, working for community agencies and eventually the Castelblanco Law Firm helping victims of housing discrimination and other abuses. She has also been an advocate for LGBT rights her entire life. At present, Astrid lives in Las Vegas with her boyfriend Charles, and their Labrador Morgan. She loves travel and taking hikes with Morgan and Charles.

As the Intake Paralegal for my firm, Astrid has been the gateway to many clients for whom we have obtained justice. Her passion for “fighting for the little guy” shines through and is invaluable to our mission.


Ainat Kiewe

Ainat Kiewe joined the firm at the end of 2017, bringing 7 years of litigation experience and 5 years of teaching law with her.  As an associate, she has excelled in employment law and found it rewarding. Ainat handles all aspects of our cases, from client intake through trial. She is our rising star and we are delighted to have her on the team.

Ainat grew up in Southern California. She earned her undergraduate degree from the University of California, Berkeley and graduated from the University of San Francisco School of Law.  She lives in Santa Monica with her two daughters.  When she is not fighting for the little guy, she is spending time with her daughters, cooking, playing music, and watching soccer matches.