Jeska Fitzpatrick

Jeska first showed her enthusiasm for the law when she started working for the firm in 1999, when she was only 14 years old. That summer, Jeska helped Cathe win a jury trial for fraud against an attorney including punitive damages. School came first at that age and Jeska was 4.0 student and a competitive swimmer and gymnast. She received her Bachelor’s degree from California State University Channel Islands in Communication and Public Relations. Even in school, Jessica was always interested in fighting for the “little guy.” After finishing college, Jeska returned to the Employee Rights Law Group in 2012 as a paralegal. She adds outstanding interpersonal and organizational skills to the practice, as well as bringing her keen sense of justice to the aid of our clients.

Jessica loves to travel, but enjoys spending most of her free time outdoors with her boyfriend, Adam, puppy, Yuna, and kitty, Spoon. Jessica is a huge support to her close network of immediate and extended family. Not to mention, she is also a proud 2-time Fantasy Football Champion, so BRING IT ON!




Astrid Alberto

I met Astrid in 2009 when she was working for the law firm of Eric Castelblanco, a champion of housing rights in California. Mr. Castelblanco and I co-counselled several employment cases for several years. In 2013, I was lucky enough to hire Astrid away from Mr. Castelblanco when she expressed a preference for employment law over housing law.

Astrid, who hails from El Salvador, is a profoundly effective bilingual communicator. She has a true talent for working with Spanish-speaking working men and women helping them feel safe to share their stories of injustice.

Astrid has worked “fighting for the little guy” since high school, working for community agencies and eventually the Castelblanco Law Firm helping victims of housing discrimination and other abuses. She has also been an advocate for LGBT rights her entire life. At present, Astrid lives in Las Vegas with her boyfriend Charles, and their Labrador Morgan. She loves travel and taking hikes with Morgan and Charles.

As the Intake Paralegal for my firm, Astrid has been the gateway to many clients for whom we have obtained justice. Her passion for “fighting for the little guy” shines through and is invaluable to our mission.