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What to do Before You Quit Your Job

Not everyone likes their job. Maybe you dislike your boss or your co-workers. Or maybe you might feel like it is time to move on to a new career, or go back to school. There are many reasons people decide to quit their jobs. But before you give in and tell them...

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A Smart Guide to Your Rights When You Are Fired

IIf you have been terminated from your job, you are still entitled to certain rights.  In addition to basic rights a terminated employee enjoys, there may also be other rights that you do not know about.  Termination from your job can be disorienting and maddening....

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5 Ways to Recognize a Hostile Work Environment

A hostile work environment doesn't just affect individual employees. It can easily disrupt the entire workplace. You should report signs of workplace harassment to your supervisors so they can address them immediately. It's the best way to avoid workplace...

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Could You Be a Victim of Unpaid Wages?

Working at a job is not always the most glamorous task, but it does ensure a steady paycheck. However, there are times when that paycheck isn't steady as it should be. Sometimes, your employer may not give you the full amount of your paycheck, or may not give you a...

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