employee-rights--law-wrongful-terminationMany employees get caught up in worrying about possible job loss for various reasons, or possible workplace retaliation if they have blown the whistle on an occurrence of wrong-doing in the company. It’s certainly a distressing thing to lose your job. When the cause for the job loss seems inexplicable, it may be time foe you to consult an employment attorney.

The End of a Job

Any time someone leaves a job other than voluntarily, there will be questions as to why the employee has been let go. There are a number of causes that can justify an employee’s termination, but there are a number of causes that do not fit that bill. There are some cases were an employer may fire someone for what are basically illegal reasons. This is what is called “wrongful termination.”

Wrongful Termination

Although most employment conditions give the employer the right to terminate a worker’s employment “at will”, there are some reasons that are inappropriate. A specific job loss may need to be evaluated on an individual basis, but there are certain elements that can indicate that the termination was wrong.

Situations that constitute wrongful termination include

  • Termination contrary to a specific law or regulation
  • For exposing a company practice of withholding earned commissions and accrued vacation pay
  • For taking time off to complete jury duty
  • Taking time off to vote
  • For serving in the National Guard or military
  • For blowing the whistle to authorities about company activities that are harmful to the public
  • Discrimination for race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, pregnancy
  • Retaliation

.Any of these causes for termination would be considered wrongful. An employment attorney can help clarify if a terminated employee has cause for protesting.

Protesting a Dismissal

If you or anyone you know has endured what you believe to be a wrongful termination, seek the advice of an employment lawyer. Have detailed notes and records (if possible) of actions and communications from supervisors and other members of management that you have received. It’s possible that you may have cause to contest the termination of your employment. It is worth it to take a stand when you believe you have been wrongfully let go.

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